Advanced real-time gas analyzers
powered by world’s first broadly tunable laser



Prism Awards 2018 – Blue selected as a finalist




The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honors the best new photonic products on the market. The team at Blue is proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for our upcoming product Blue X-FLR8 v2, currently finalizing beta-tests at select partners and customers.

The gas analyzers from Blue are the first gas analyzers based on a broadly tunable laser. They are able to directly quantify traces of hundreds of molecules and operate in real-time. Our analyzers are used to continuously monitor gas pollutants harmful to people or to industrial assets.

Stay tuned for the imminent official launch of our new analyzers.

Mission Statement

Blue Industry and Science develops a new generation of field gas analyzers, combining the accuracy of ppb level real-time detection with true multi-gas capabilities, in devices that are flexible and easy to configure, maintain and monitor. Blue offers our customers to experience the new possibilities of a lab extended to the field.