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Blue launches Horton B3, its broadly tunable laser source

Blue’s VHR-TL technology is now available as a stand alone product, dubbed Horton B3. It is a fully packaged laser source operational in the mid-IR region, between 3.2 and 4.2 µm in its current version, also available between 1.4 and 1.6 µm.

Horton B3 combines this broad continuous tunability with an excellent spectral resolution of 0.01 cm-1 and a very high peak power of 25W. Horton B3 is fully packaged with electronics controls and software.

Horton B3 is designed primarily for the research community in spectroscopy.

Learn more about Horton B3.

Mission Statement

Blue Industry and Science develops a new generation of field gas analyzers, combining the accuracy of ppb level real-time detection with true multi-gas capabilities, in devices that are flexible and easy to configure, maintain and monitor. Blue offers our customers to experience the new possibilities of a lab extended to the field.