Advanced Real-Time Gas Analyzers

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Performance of the Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer verified

The measurement performance of the Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer has been verified at the EUPHORE atmospheric chamber in Valencia, Spain. The chamber is operated by CEAM, and is part of the Eurochamp2020 network, funded by the EU. EUPHORE is a state-of-the-art scientific facility. It offers unique capabilities to generate and control a blend of pollutants in a vast chamber that mimics outdoor conditions.

The EUPHORE atmospheric chamber at CEAM in Valencia

The performance of the analyzer has been verified on traces of benzene, toluene, m-, o- and p-xylene in ambient air. It was the first time these molecules could be measured in real life conditions using a broadly tunable laser technology. This metrology verification further paves the way for a broad deployment of this self-sustaining analyzer, able to operate continuously without a need for maintenance.


Mission Statement

Blue Industry and Science is a team of engineers whose passion is to turn advanced technologies into reliable products.

We design, industrialize and manufacture the first gas analyzers based on Broadly Tunable Lasers: a greatly enhanced and more versatile version of laser spectrometers, finally able to measure hundreds of different molecules.

We are proud that our products are used to protect the health of people, to reduce energy consumption, and to safeguard the integrity of industrial assets.