Our customers need real-time measurements, and they want these in an unattended device (a device that is able to perform and report its measurements without the need for any human intervention).

Our gas analyzers do that well, including for traces – no sample preparation needed – and for multiple compounds at a time – thanks to our unique BTL technology.

Our analyzers are attractive options for:

/Process control applications

  • Continuous measurement of process pollutants.
  • Multi compound measurement with over 400 molecules that can be measured.
  • Real-time, unattended, auditable results.

/Environmental monitoring applications

  • The Blue X-FLR9 Series mobile version for field measurements is a great investigative tool for IAQ and HSE requirements. It is versatile, multi-task, fast to put into action, and it provides immediate responses.
  • The Blue X-FLR9 Series rackmount version provides unattended measurement for AQM* or CEM** applications.

*Air Quality Monitoring / ** Continuous Emission Monitoring