Health Safety Environment


Industrial Hygiene: there are numerous chemical products at the workplace. While their effects on human health are well known, their presence is sometimes still underestimated. With regulations reducing the presence of the most harmful pollutants and lowering the admitted levels of worker’s exposure, it is increasingly important for organizations to understand and control the level of chemical pollutants at work.

In Europe for Health Safety Environment, Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) values are set and regularly revised. They result from directives 98/234/CE and 2004/37/CE. National legislations take into account these directives to set up their own limit values.

How can we help you improve on Health Safety Environment monitoring and compliance?

Our X-FLR8 HSE Monitoring series is dedicated to the measurement of multiple gaseous chemical compounds. It targets hundreds of the most common chemical products and provides multi-gas monitoring capabilities as well as a real-time mode that can be used for source detection.

If you conduct HSE investigations, the Blue X-FLR8 MultiGas Monitor for HSE provides real-time measurements, with reconfiguration in a couple clicks, enabling the testing of multiple gases. The analyzer will help you map your processes and premises for pollutants. You will be able to optimize your HVAC configuration so as to efficiently extract polluted air, at lower energy cost. You will ensure you safeguard your employees’ health, and comply with regulations.

If you need to monitor HSE compliance, the Blue X-FLR8 MultiGas Monitor can be installed permanently or temporarily at a site. It will continuously measure pollutants of interest and report alarms in real time.

X-FLR8 HSE Monitoring