Process Analytics

Our Blue X-FLR9 Series Gas Analyzers are designed to continuously monitor multiple molecules of interest in real-time for process control applications.Our Smart factories require real-time and seamless measurement technologies that can be trusted.

Laser based gas analyzers match these requirements, and have gained significant market share over traditional technologies in the field of process analytics. Contrary to traditional gas measurement technologies, laser-based analyzers provide:

  • very fast measurement (<1s)
  • robust devices with no moving parts
  • excellent stability
  • very low maintenance and no consumables

These characteristics make them very fit for industrial process control applications.

However, standard laser sources are limited in tunability, which hampers their performance for gas analysis. Thanks to its Broadly Tunable Laser technology, Blue has now taken laser-based gas analyzers a few steps further.

What can we do to help you improve your knowledge and control of your process?

  • We continuously measure traces of molecules that are specific to your process. Check the list of molecules that our gas analyzers can measure.
  • Our job is to provide you with the information you need. With our technology, no need for an expert to operate or maintain the analyzer. You can focus on your process, not on the analyzer.
The Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzers are tailored for the continuous monitoring of multiple molecules

Process Measurement Services

We sell analyzers that are designed to continuously monitor molecules in gas phase. But you also have temporary needs, typically:

  • when you adapt your process and need to fine-tune it,
  • when you want to check that your process is not drifting,
  • when you are facing potential new regulations.

We provide process measurement services that are tailored to answer these questions. We can adapt a field analyzer to suit your measurement requirements, and install it at your site within weeks (typically less than a month).

Blue X-FLR9 Field Gas Analyzer

Please contact us for more details.