Process Analytics

Smart factories require real-time and seamless measurement technologies that can be trusted. Laser based gas analyzers match these requirements, and have gained significant market share over traditional technologies in the field of process analytics. Contrary to traditional gas measurement technologies, laser-based analyzers provide:

  • very fast measurement (<1s)
  • robust devices with no moving parts
  • excellent stability
  • very low maintenance and no consumables

These characteristics make them very fit for industrial process control applications.

However, standard laser sources are limited in tunability, which hampers their performance for gas analysis. Thanks to its Broadly Tunable Laser technology, Blue is now taking laser-based gas analyzers a few steps further:

Limitations of current solutions
Blue's analyzer unique performance
Only 25 to 30 molecules can be measuredHundreds of gases readily measureable
Do not measure heavy moleculesEasier thanks to wider scan
Hardly specific in complex matricesLarge flexibility to dynamically resolve cross-talk
Need to multiplex laser sources to measure multiple gasesOne integrated source for hundreds of compounds in multiple matrices

Our new Blue X-FLR9 Series Gas Analyzers are designed to continuously monitor multiple molecules of interest in real-time for process control applications.