Blue X-FLR9 Series official launch

Blue is pleased to announce the official launch of the Blue X-FLR9 Series of gas analyzers.

After intensive beta-tests at clients and partners over the past 6 months, the Blue X-FLR9 Series is born.

Selected as a 2018 finalist of the world renowned Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, the Blue X-FLR9 Series is available in rackmount and mobile formats. It has been entirely redesigned and benefits from:

  • A new, patent-pending module for wavelength control. This module guarantees the good repeatability of the Horton B3 Broadly Tunable Laser source within its spectral resolution of 0.01 cm-1. It improves response time of the gas analyzers by a factor 100.
  • Full software re-development with industry-grade standards.
  • Modular design that improves maintainability and robustness.
  • A complete redesign of the BTL laser source, enabling full reproducibility, robustness, and improving repeatability of the measurements.

The Blue X-FLR9 Series Gas Analyzers help protect the environment by monitoring continuous and in real-time hundreds of pollutants in ambient air and in industrial processes.






Many thanks to our clients and partners for their support during these Beta-tests.