Blue X-FLR9 for Process Control

The Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer for Process Control is designed to continuously monitor the concentrations of critical molecules in the process. Simple to operate, easy to install, it is a very efficient way to further improve knowledge and control of industrial processes.

The Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer for Process Control is an advanced laser-based gas analyzer that can monitor continuously hundreds of critical molecules:

  • Air pollutants
  • Process pollutants
  • Process trackers

The BTL optical source that powers the Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer works as 400 virtual lasers that can be activated to measure the target molecules. Contrary to most laser gas analyzers, it can easily be tailored to measure many different molecules of interest, that are specific to an industrial process. Heavy molecules can now be quantified continuously. The analyzer can be tailored to provide meaningful information for your process.

A use case

A Factory in the pharmaceutical industry needs to continuously measure a critical pollutant that is specific to its process (Bromopropane).

Legacy field-ready solutions are not satisfactory: specific technologies are not real-time, real-time solutions are not specific. Blue offers its Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer: a field-ready solution that continuously provides specific measurements. In addition to Bromopropane, the analyzer quantifies 6 more molecules that help Factory control its process.

The first order was triggered by a crisis: Factory had to close because too much pollutant was emitted. Now Factory has experienced the ease of use of the analyzer and the value of the continuous monitoring. It has started implementing more analyzers, both for VOC monitoring and process control. Blue delivers on its technological promises:

  • monitoring multiple molecules,
  • monitoring heavier molecules,
  • implementing tailored analyzers very fast.

Focus on running your process, not the analyzer

  • You are changing or adapting your process and need to fine tune it
  • You want to control that your process is not drifting
  • You want to control that your factory stays within air pollutant emission limits

Blue offers proven solutions, tailored to your needs, to :

  • Qualify your process: we install a Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer on your process for a limited period of time to measure gas concentrations of molecules that are relevant for your process. You get continuous monitoring data, that you can link to your process.
  • Monitor your process: we install an analyzer that permanently monitors critical molecules so you can control your process.

As a laser-based gas analyzer, the Blue X-FLR9 offers great stability, ease of use, robustness, and it requires no consumables nor frequent calibration. You can focus on running your process, not the analyzer.

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