Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring

The Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring is designed to investigate and monitor compliance with recommendations and regulations on HSE. Mobile, operational in minutes, it provides an immediate response to HSE questions.

The Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring is the first field analyzer dedicated to HSE (1) investigations, performing multi-gas measurements in real time and down to ppb level. It targets many molecules (aldehydes, BTEX, terpenes, alcohols, halogenated compounds, esters, amines, chlorides, thiols, etc) in a single analyzer: Blue’s proprietary technology – combining the breakthrough BTL source with a patented detection cell – enables the quantification of each individual gas directly at point of sampling. It is designed to monitor compliance with HSE recommended thresholds. It also offers a source detection mode to help with faster and more efficient investigations.

The Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring is a mobile device that can be deployed in the field and be operational in minutes. It can be controlled both locally via a tablet-based interface, and remotely. It has been designed to minimize maintenance needs (no consumables, no requirement for frequent calibration).

The display of measurement results is customizable: this enables users to control the flow of information where needed. Measurement data is securely stored on the analyzer’s hard drive.

If you conduct HSE investigations, the Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring Gas Analyzer will help you manage your research campaigns with much more flexibility and vastly extended analysis capabilities, providing real-time reconfiguration and enabling the testing of multiple scenarios. The Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring is tailored for the real time mapping of industrial processes and efficiently helps protect workers from harmful pollutants.

If you need to monitor HSE compliance, the Blue X-FLR9 HSE Monitoring can be installed permanently or temporarily at a site. It will continuously measure pollutants of interest and report alarms in real time.

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1 Health Safety and Environment