Blue X-FLR9 IAQ Monitoring

The Blue X-FLR9 IAQ Monitoring is a field gas analyzer dedicated to Indoor Air Quality and offering multi-compound measurement capabilities at ppb level.

It targets the most harmful gas pollutants of Indoor Air (aldehydes, BTEX, and many other compounds) in a single analyzer: Blue’s proprietary technology – combining the BTL source with a patented detection cell – enables to quantify simultaneously each target gas. It is designed to monitor compliance with IAQ recommended thresholds, down to low-ppb level.

It also offers a source detection mode to help with faster and more efficient IAQ audits. Because of the detection cell high linear dynamic range, measurements can be performed simultaneously at single digit ppb level for some species all the way up to % level for the main components of Indoor Air.

The Blue X-FLR9 IAQ Monitoring analyzer is a mobile device that can be deployed in the field and be operational in minutes. It does not require advanced knowledge to be operated. It can be controlled both locally via a mobile device interface, or remotely. It has been designed to minimize maintenance needs (no consumables, infrequent calibration intervals thanks to its minimal drift).

The display of measurement results is customizable: this enables users to control the flow of information where needed. Measurement data is securely stored on the analyzer’s hard drive.

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