Horton B3 – broadly tunable laser source

Blue can provide its core optical technology, the Broadly Tunable Laser, as a module for the measurement of gas concentrations. Horton B3 is Blue’s innovative laser source, a fully packaged high-resolution broadly tunable laser source operating in the mid-IR region.

Horton B3 can be adapted to unique specifications of OEM partners, please contact us for details and options available.

Key Features
Very High Spectral Resolution
better than 0.01 cm-1
Very Broad Tunability
2x 800 cm-1 in Mid-IR with one single source
Fully packaged with electronics, controls and software
Very high peak power
> 25W
Horton B3Specifications
Spatial modeTEM00
SMSR> 25dB typ
FWHM< 3.10-3 cm-1 typ
Beam divergence2 mrd typ
Beam diameter3 mm typ
Polarization ratio100:1 vertical
Repetition rateTunable from 3 to 4.5 kHz
Wavelength tuning rangesidler [2360 - 3125] cm-1 [3.2 - 4.2] µm
signal [6200 - 6965] cm-1 [1.4 - 1.6] µm
(other tuning ranges available)
Spectral repeatability< 0.01 cm-1
Max peak powerup to 26 W
Average powerup to 1.2 mW
Power stability2% pulse-to-pulse
Dimensions48 x 28 x 22 cm
(includes electronics)
Weight< 10 kg
Power supply24V DC
Power consumption35 W typ