Prism Awards 2018 – Blue selected as a finalist




The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honors the best new photonic products on the market. The team at Blue is proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for our upcoming product Blue X-FLR8 v2, currently finalizing beta-tests at select partners and customers.

The gas analyzers from Blue are the first gas analyzers based on a broadly tunable laser. They are able to directly quantify traces of hundreds of molecules and operate in real-time. Our analyzers are used to continuously monitor gas pollutants harmful to people or to industrial assets.

Stay tuned for the imminent official launch of our new analyzers.


Blue announces new financing round

Paris, March 7th 2017 – Blue Industry and Science (“Blue”) raises 1 million € to boost its commercial deployment, targeting major international industrial partners. This round has been subscribed by Newfund along with business angels and the management of Blue. This new round of financing brings the total amount invested to 6M€.

Based on a breakthrough laser source, the gas analyzers from Blue offer significant improvements to the growing laser spectrometer technology: the ability to monitor hundreds of gases with one single laser source, the robustness of the measurements even in changing process environment, and a very fast application development time.

 Julien Roquette, CEO of Blue, commented : « Our company has shown very strong progress in 2016 in positioning our unique technology with key partners. Our solutions help our customers address new challenges for demanding process control applications. One of our anchor customers is Sanofi, we’ve been collaborating with them since 2015 and the capabilities of our technology was found of great value for their applications. »

Anne-Sophie Nédellec, Investment Director at Newfund, commented : «Blue’s unique technology brings advanced lab capabilities directly on the production lines: that is a very key requirement of Blue’s customers. »


About Blue Industry and Science:

Blue is the world specialist of tunable lasers adapted to the detection of infinitesimal amounts of hundreds of gases, in real-time, for the monitoring of industrial processes and work atmospheres. Blue has developed dedicated solutions for customers in Oil&Gas, Energy, Food, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals.

About Newfund :

Newfund is an early-stage cross-border entrepreneurial venture capital firm. It raised €200M from entrepreneurs and family offices. Newfund especially invested in Medtech Surgical (, (, In2bones (, Customermatrix ( and Tageos (


Blue launches Horton B3, its broadly tunable laser source

Blue’s VHR-TL technology is now available as a stand alone product, dubbed Horton B3. It is a fully packaged laser source operational in the mid-IR region, between 3.2 and 4.2 µm in its current version, also available between 1.4 and 1.6 µm.

Horton B3 combines this broad continuous tunability with an excellent spectral resolution of 0.01 cm-1 and a very high peak power of 25W. Horton B3 is fully packaged with electronics controls and software.

Horton B3 is designed primarily for the research community in spectroscopy.

Learn more about Horton B3.


Blue announces program to measure C1-C5 in natural gas

With promising initial tests completed in March 2016, and based on multiple market requests, Blue has now launched a new program for the fast measurement of C1-C5 and other components of natural gas using Blue’s broadly tunable laser.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more and receive updates about this program.


Blue to lead Eureka funded development project

The project, in cooperation with Optogama from Lithuania, aims at developing the next generation of a fully integrated broadly tunable laser.

The project is funded by Eureka under the Eurostars program.






Blue announces preliminary OEM discussions with world renowned partner

After launching its OEM product in February, Blue is pleased to announce the start of first discussions with an OEM partner for industrial process control applications, and the signing of a first MoU for an initial proof of concept.


Blue to ship its first analyzer offshore for Hydrogen impurities monitoring

The analyzer, based on Blue’s breakthrough broadly tunable laser, is meant to monitor multiple VOC impurities under ISO 14 687-2.


Blue to exhibit at COP21

6a00e5500b4a64883301b7c7d850c5970bOn the occasion of the COP21 which take place until December 11 at Paris Le Bourget, fifteen companies from Seine Saint Denis presented their activities to La Galerie des Solutions, space dedicated for professionals.

Blue Industry and Science introduced the Blue X-FLR8 Gas Analyzer during a demonstration of indoor air quality measurement.

More information about Blue Industry at the COP21




Blue receives ETV Certification

Blue is pleased to announce it has received an ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) certification. The official ceremony took place at the COP21 Solutions Gallery at the Museum of Air and Space – Paris Le Bourget.

ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) is a new tool promoted by the European Union to help innovative environmental technologies reach the market. The purpose is to verify the performance of a new technology as declared by the applicant and to demonstrate the reliability of these performances. This certification is designed to reduce the need for repetitive demonstrations and field trials to validate the technology, but also facilitate exports.

This certification guarantees performance for the measurement of formaldehyde up to 8ppb (significant value for the indoor air quality).








BLUE to exhibit at Les Respirations

les respirationsBLUE will exhibit at Les Respirations, the first forum on air quality in Paris. This edition will take place on Monday, november 23, 2015. We will be showcasing our Blue X-FLR8 MultiGas Monitor, with real-time demos.

Please join us at:

Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design
34 rue d’Austerlitz
Paris 13e.

More information about Les Respirations