Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisers

Andras Miklos

is the director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center of Applied Acoustics and a physician at the University of Stuttgart, and he has worked many years for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the renowned German-based research institute. He holds 15 patents in the field of photo acoustics.

Michel Lefebvre

is Research Director and Director of the Physics and Instrumentation Department at Onera, the French Aerospace Lab. He conducted innovative research in nonlinear Optics and laser physics. Regarding optical parametric devices and their applications to gas sensing, he published more than 30 papers and holds 4 international patents.

Emmanuel Rosencher

was the General Scientific Director of Onera, the French Aerospace Lab. He was a renowned scientist in the field of opto-electronics with numerous publications and patents, and an influent and active member of the research community. He was an early and decisive supporter of Blue Industry and Science. He accepted to be our first Scientific Adviser, finding the time to visit us, and provide advice and encouragement. Emmanuel Rosencher passed away on June 15, 2013. He will be remembered.