Blue’s instruments are based on one main scientific principle: infrared spectrometry.

Each species of gas has its unique infrared spectrum -or signature- which, when detected and selected from the signature of the other species, can be used to quantify the gas by using algorithms.

While infrared spectrometry is well-known and is the basis of many gas analyzers around the world, Blue’s unique Very High Resolution Tunable Laser source (VHR-TL) technology gives it a whole new range of possibilities. Most current ppb-level analyzers will target a narrow window over the gas signature –typically up to a few nanometers- tied to the laser source specifications, and will require very high laser sensitivity in order to reach ppb level and beyond.

Broadly tunable laser 1Thanks to the wide tunable range of the VHR-TL (1,600 wavenumbers in the current version), Blue’s analyzers open a wide door over the gas signatures. VHR-TL works as if you had hundreds of accurate parallel laser sources – except there is only one.

What can you do with this?

Laser based gas analyzers are appreciated for their robustness, their real-time measurement capabilities, and performance. They provide value-add solutions for process analytics and environmental monitoring. Laser-based gas analyzers are however limited because of their narrow tunability: usually only light molecules can be measured, and one laser will measure only one molecule.

Blue’s VHR-TL technology greatly expands the capabilities and application range of laser based gas analyzers:

  • measures hundreds of molecules including heavy compounds
  • measures multiple molecules in real-time, all with a single source
  • provides specific measurements even in complex matrices thanks to its very high spectral resolution (0.01 wavenumbers).

Broadly tunable laser 2