About Blue


We founded Blue in 2010 to address growing environmental and safety concerns in many industries. Measurement and monitoring of gas emissions have become a top priority: a need for simplicity and efficiency, a need for real-time information that people can immediately use.

We have developed and integrated world’s first Broadly Tunable Laser (BTL): a technology based on over 15 years of research and development at Onera, the French Aerospace Lab.

We have integrated this technology into a gas analyzer that can monitor 500+ molecules. With the launch of our award-winning Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzer series at the end of 2017, we have the tool that matches the specific needs of industrial customers: flexible system, cost-effective and user friendly, continuous!

Blue’s solutions can provide real-time continuous monitoring, has low maintenance and no consumables, and has the ability to measure low to high concentrations of 500+ complex molecules.




Where are Blue’s analyzers available?

Blue is based in the Paris-Saclay Research and Innovation cluster in France. We ship to virtually anywhere in the world. Please contact us.

How involved are Blue’s customers with the analyzer’s operation and maintenance?

Like most laser-based gas analyzers, Blue’s technology requires no consumables, and it is very stable. Only minimal maintenance is required. We like it that our customers can focus on their own operations, and not on the analyzer. We provide measurements!

Does Blue offer rental services?

Blue can either sell total solutions including hardware and a long-term maintenance contract, or rental services agreements for several weeks or months, with continuous support of our teams. For long term lease, we can offer financing options. For short term needs, we offer measurement services: our customers do not have to spend time learning about the analyzer, they can focus on the results.

We can control our analyzers remotely, so there is no need to be in your facilities!

When was the company founded?

In September 2010. An industrial version of the analyzer was launched in 2017-2018.

Do you provide integrated solutions?

Yes. Our philosophy is to bring peace of mind and make our customers focusing on the information we provide, and not wasting time on implementing or maintaining measurement systems. We also provide adapted sampling solutions, such as multipoint automatic sampling, fast-loops, or dilution systems. We also integrate data provided by the analyzers in customers’ information systems or in the cloud.

Can you measure and can you identify any molecule?

With over 500 molecules currently in our catalogue, it is likely we can suit your needs. And if not, we can add new molecules to our catalogue in a few days. Our analyzers have also molecules identification capabilities, allowing identification of unexpected molecules in different gas streams!