Sampling solutions

The analyzer operates with:

  • Extractive sampling, continuous flow (50 to 200 ml/min), non destructive
  • The sampling system must ensures that sample conditions at entry point of the analyzer are met: 1bar, T° <50°C, sample integrity

Thanks to its range of sampling solutions, Blue makes sure the sampling is adapted to your conditions, for continuous measurement in the lab, pilot or industrial processes.

We can provide:

  • Multi-point automatic sampling solutions
    • Fast-loop for rapid multipoint sampling
    • Auto-switch mode or manual override
  • Continuous diluter
    • For measurements of high concentrations up to %
  • Vacuum continuous sampling solutions
    • Up to a few mbar absolute of vacuum

Multipoint samplers can allow to measure in multiple areas in a workspace with automatic switching. Continuous diluters are very useful to measure very high concentrations on top of the very low concentrations capabilities of Blue’s Gas Analyzers (ppb-ppm). Vacuum sampling can be used to measure continuously molecules concentrations in the airspace of a reactor or a dryer.


Data Integration Solutions

We integrate data provided by the analyzers in customers’ DCS or in the cloud.

We develop custom HMI (Human Machine Interface):

  • Integrates data from multiple sources (analyzers, flowmeters, process)
  • Adapts data presentation according to customer specifications (average, units, frequency, …)

Communication to and from factory DCS:

  • Analog ports 4-20mA
  • Dry contacts
  • Digital ports with Modbus protocol
  • Other protocols available
  • Data can also be sent to online cloud platform to visualize concentrations on several sampling points using WiFi or 4G connections