Your operations involve gas molecules, and you are constantly looking for ways to improve or control your process. Blue’s X-FLR9 Gas Analyzers monitor in real-time critical gas molecules:

  • Regulated atmospheric emissions continuous compliance monitoring & quantification of SBTi and decarbonization targets
  • Gas exposure: Mapping and real-time monitoring for HSE purposes
  • Continuous monitoring of gas streams in production process (e.g. new process development or drying step)

We will help you better qualify your process with dynamic quantification information on the molecules that are relevant for you. We can provide you measurement services for a few weeks or months, or install a permanent monitoring system in your plant.

Gas Measurement Services

You need to better understand gas concentration evolution in your processes or emissions? We can help you answer this question!

Gas Measurement Solutions

You wish to continuously quantify the gas molecules in or around your process. We can implement a permanent monitoring in your facility!