You need to better understand gas concentration evolution in your processes or emissions? We can help you answer this question!


How does this work?

  1. Contact us in confidence with what you wish to know about your gas streams. We will tell you about feasibility and provide an offer.
  2. Thanks to our unique Broadly Tunable Laser technology and our range of sampling solutions, we can rapidly tailor our measurement tools for your needs.
  3. We can deploy our Measurement Solutions easily, typically in less than half a day at your operations.
  4. We remotely monitor and proactively contact you daily with analysis results. We can further adapt the measurement if needed, at your request.
  5. In a short time frame, typically a few weeks from step 1, you get valuable and quantified information that you can directly use to improve your operations and see the results!

Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzers and adapted sampling solutions will be deployed for a given period of time (from days to months) at your facilities. We are able to measure 500+ molecules (organic and inorganic compounds including greenhouse gases), with a wide dynamic measurement range from ppb to % level. Sampling points can be at atmospheric pressure or under different vacuum levels.

What are our main applications?

  • Mapping of pollutants in working environments (workshop, lab, outside air), in order to understand where, when and at which concentrations are potentially harmful pollutants emitted
  • Assessment of atmospheric emissions concentrations and flows before implementing a treatment (cryogenic, activated carbon filtering, thermal oxydizer…)
  • Assessment of abatement rate of filtering systems with continuous measurements before and after the filters.
  • Continuous measurement of gas concentrations at process development stage (lab or pilot phase) allowing for example early characterization of emissions
  • Process optimization and quality control: continuous measurement in reactors’ airspace to optimize process or for quality improvement
  • Dynamic monitoring of fugitive atmospheric emissions (e.g. landfill or wastewater treatment plant)
  • Quantitative measurement data for SBTi assessment of VOC emissions.






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