You wish to continuously quantify the gas molecules in or around your process. We can implement a permanent monitoring in your facility!

Gas Measurement Solutions for Process Monitoring

Our Blue X-FLR9 Gas Analyzers are designed to continuously monitor multiple molecules of interest in real-time for process monitoring applications. Cost-optimization of processes requires real-time and seamless measurement technologies that can be trusted. Blue’s gas analyzers match the specific needs for these types of applications:

  • simultaneous quantification of multiple molecules in a gas stream
  • very fast measurement (s to min)
  • excellent stability / no drift : no need for constant recalibrations
  • very low maintenance and no consumables
  • dynamic range from ppb to %

With Blue’s measurement solutions, you can take back control of your processes!

What can we do to help you improve your knowledge and control of your process?

  • We continuously measure concentrations of molecules that are specific to your process. Please check the list of 500+ molecules that our gas analyzers can measure. We can add new molecules on demand.
  • We provide adapted sampling solutions, such as multipoint automatic sampling, fast-loops, dilution system, sampling under vacuum…
  • We integrate data provided by the analyzers in customers’ DCS or in the cloud.

Our job is to provide you with the information you need. With our technology, no need for an expert to operate or maintain the analyzer. You can focus on your process, not on the analyzer.



Gas Measurement Solutions for Environment

There is increasing awareness coupled with more stringent regulations worldwide on industrial harmful pollutant emissions. ESG ratings and SBTi targets become a key strategic goal at many industrial companies. This context generates needs for high performance monitoring solutions.

Continuous monitoring is absolutely key to detect and act decisively on unexpected gas emissions in the environment. Furthermore; monitoring of reduction targets on gas emissions in the environment is critical. Emission reductions from process enhancement or improvement can then be quantified precisely.

What can we do to enable you to implement a continuous monitoring in your factory ?

  • Blue’s Gas analyzers are perfectly adapted for continuous gas emissions monitoring. This continuous monitoring enables to measure in real-time consequences of actions or events in the process. You will not have only punctual measures at a given time, which are not representative of emission profile evolution.
  • With this better environmental control, your cost of regulatory control will decrease.
  • For example with Blue Gas Measurement Solutions, you can measure at inbound and outbound of a gas treatment solution, and can optimize its efficiency.
  • The concentration of each target molecule is measured continuously and communicated in real-time to the factory DCS.

Gas Measurement Solutions for Health Hazards

Some processes involve harmful molecules, and companies protect their workers against these potential hazards.

Real-time quantification of harmful pollutant releases in workshops or in labs can be implemented with Blue’s measurement solutions. This would include alarm reporting to the plant monitoring system. The analyzer provides specific alerts if concentrations of a harmful pollutant reaches a threshold in the ambient air of the workplace. 

Blue’s Measurement Solutions allow safe operations of a process for plant operators!






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