Gas Monitoring Services

You have a specific question on your process, and you believe real-time gas monitoring will help you answer that question, typically:

  • when you adapt your process and need to fine-tune it,
  • when you want to check that your process is not drifting,
  • when you are facing potential new regulations.

We provide process gas monitoring services that are tailored to answer these questions.

In a matter of a few weeks we can design and deploy our measurement solutions at your site. Our service managers will proactively interact with you to interpret the results and adapt the measurements if needed.

Our goal is that you get a clear, actionable information to improve your process.

How does this work?

  1. Contact us in confidence with what you wish to know. We will tell you about feasibility and provide an offer.
  2.  Thanks to our unique Broadly Tunable Laser technology, we can rapidly tailor our measurement tools for your needs and deploy them at your operations.
  3.  You have access to information in real-time. We remotely monitor and proactively contact you with results analysis. We can further adapt the measurement if needed, at your request and at no extra cost.
  4. In a short time frame, typically a few weeks from step 1, you get valuable information that you can directly use to improve your operations.

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